Olove Moisturizing Serum

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ELC Dao of Hair Pure Olove Moisturizing Serum 

Pure Olove Moisturizing Serum is a brilliant shine enhancing drop that can be used on wet or dry hair. Use on wet hair cocktailed with your favorite Pure OloveŽ Leave In such as Moisturizing Pomade, Colorful Conditioner or Instant Treatment. Or use on we hair cocktailed with Styling Straightening Dew or Sculpting Lotion. Can be used on dry hair before finishing, light not oily formula won't break up hair spray hold. Dispense 2-3 drops, cocktail with your favorite leave in or styling aid, or use after styling for a high shine finish. pH 5.0 

Pure Olove Moisturizing Serum is enriched with natural vitamin E and B, Olive Oil, Green Tea and Kiwi. This potent complex seals color, creates brilliant shine and acts as an anti-aging complex.

  • Manufactured by: ELC Dao of Hair

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