Chroma-7 40 Vol Developer

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Chroma-7™ pure cream developers are formulated to activate the chemical energy of the Chroma-7 powder and to ensure optimal lift and excellent processing of the unique dyes of the SynchroTone™ technology. It is critical to use these special developers with all Chroma-7 shades. Other developers on the market may interfere with color deposit of these unique dyes. However these developers may be used with all other color lines and may even enhance their action.


Mix in a ratio of one ounce (30 ml) Chroma-7 Pure Cream Developer for every scoop (1/2 ounce or 15 grams) of Chroma-7 One Step Lightening & Coloring Powder. Mix very well. Apply using any off-the-scalp coloring techniques. Use 40 Volume Developer for high lift effects, and 20 Volume Developer for low lift, subtle highlighting.

  • Manufactured by: L'Avant Garde

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